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"the opposite of a look is a kiss"

"To look and touch are two sides of the same objective. Sometimes a persons objective is simply to look but do not touch, or touch but do not see. Enter the multipurpose tool; joining a mirror - to look and reflect, with the emblem of a kiss - to touch. A reminder that the opposite of a look is a kiss, and that the two are entwined. The card can be used to pry, reflect, remember, scrape, crease, flatten, prop or any other verb the user requires of it. These actions will mark the card at the users discretion." - Ashley Bedet

This artwork is complimentary. It can only be picked up in person, on-site at the Kaffeeklatsch location, where the receiver will also  be presented with a personalized letter from the artist. Please travel to 2000 Veterans Pl NW or 1205 1st Street SW to receive one.

Ashley Bedet came back to Calgary, where she was born. Bedet is the product of many very different worlds reproducing, meeting difference, and then reproducing again. That makes her the product of at least four distinct separate paths. She graduated from NSCAD University in 2014 and has been slowly making and showing work since.

Born and raised in Ploiești, Romania, Bogdan Cheta now lives and works in Calgary, Canada. Drifting between the surface of the printed page, the looseness of improvisable walks, or the meandering movements of large-scale installations, his projects usually gather in a search for how to use, and imagine the act of storying as an artisanal technology for place-making. He holds an MFA in Craft from Alberta University of the Arts (2019) and his research is oriented by an attention towards the atmospheric phenomenologies of lived spaces and their potential to re-activate alternative sites for political discourse and social engagement. Recent presentations of his work include projects at Balice Hertling in Paris, 67 Steps in Los Angles, the 12th Havana Biennial, and locally, at Stride Gallery, Untitled Arts Society, The New Gallery and TRUCK. With support from Canada Council for the Arts, this is Bogdan’s second presentation with M:ST, and his first joint collaboration with CommunityWise Resource Centre and the Calgary Queer Arts Society.

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