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Hello, Parka

sophia bartholomew

Hello, Parka


Artist: sophia bartholomew

Date: 2015

Price: $15.00 CAD

Format: Artists’ Books

Description: The first edition of a publication providing additional architecture for The Resolute Parka.

With new work by Marie-Hélène Tessier, Kathryn Alder, Bogdan Cheta, Adam Waldron-Blain, accounting for recent projects by Michael McCormack, Amanda Dawn Christie, Rebecca Blankert, Kelly Hill, Jacqueline Collomb, Rémi Belliveau, Sophia Erdahl, John Edward Cushnie, Casey Smallwood, Richelle Bear Hat, Walter Scott, Sarah Fuller, Suzanne Morrissette, Daisy Watkins Harvey, Steven Cottingham, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Daria Hirny, Amy Malbeuf, Alex Achtem, Willie Brisco and Emma Hicks.

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