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Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One


Published by Soundscreen Design
Edited by Geoff Peveto. Introduction by Clay Hayes.

All of the posters exhibited promoted rock shows happening in venues throughout the country and the world. Many exciting books have followed that first Flatstock, covering the exploding rock poster scene. Rock Paper Show is quite a different take on the gig-poster, however — highlighting the posters that were designed to promote the Flatstock event itself. The book contains great work from some of the top-notch poster designers around, including Jeff Kleinsmith, The Bird Machine, Aesthetic Apparatus, The Heads of State, The Small Stakes, f2 Design, and so many more.

"At a time when most design-watchers had declared the medium dead, a clutch of talented folks refused to let it pass and instead turned it into the most vibrant canvas imaginable. Infused and inspired by the changing economics of the music industry, a dramatic hole opened up in the design galaxy. What were once considered tiny personal pieces being silk-screened in someone's garage now became sought-after merchandise and memorabilia. The meteoric rise of the gig poster was so astonishing in design circles that it would inspire a great deal of jealousy among those left out in the cold. Grumbles of the need for less creative freedom (can you imagine the appeal?) fell on deaf ears as some of the top firms in North America saw their best young talent jump ship for a life of ink-stained hands and narrow margins. Soon after, students leaving design schools came to view poster-making as a possible full-time vocation. The unthinkable became reality."

John Foster, excerpted from his essay in Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One.



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