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Your Life Made Stupid: A Guide to Fulfillment


“Your Life Made Stupid” is a terrible name for a book. Who would want to open a book that claims to make a mockery out of their charmed life? Why, you would of course. Also, remember this book is actually "A Guide to Fulfillment" and promises hope for an even more charmed life. Look and laugh at the hilarious drawings in this book and apply some of the good sense found on these pages. Then burn this book in the fire-pit at your next hot-dog roast.

This is definitely a fun book for the whole family. Kids will enjoy "Holiday Festivities" and even the pets will get a kick out of the chapter on hot-dogs. Also, take advantage of the nice line drawings to color them in attractive ways. Do a good job and you might reconsider the fire-pit idea. Instead, you could gift your colored masterpiece to someone special.

Soft-bound 88 pages

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